Bagsak sa hygiene! Malilipot town in Albay scored for open dumpsite


State auditors scored the municipal government of Malilipot in Albay for its failure to segregate its wastes and for operating an open dump site.

In a 2016 report, the Commission on Audit (COA) said the solid wastes of the barangays were collected without proper segregation as mandated under the Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act.

The auditors also said only 10 of the 18 barangays were served by the waste collection system of the municipality, and that there were no established material recovery facilities in the barangays.

“Households in barangays that are not serviced by the collection system either burn, bury or dump their wastes in the waterways,” the auditors said, pointing out that the burning of solid wastes and indiscriminate throwing of waste materials are prohibited under the Clean Air Act.

The auditors also scored the existence of an open dump site in Barangay Binitayan.

The Ecological Solid Waste Management Act clearly prohibits the operation of open dump sites.

“Inspection of the land in Barangay Binitayan being used for the Solid Waste Disposal Site revealed that the open dump was not yet converted into controlled dump in accordance with the guidelines set in Section 37 of the Act,” the auditors said.

“Hazardous wastes thrown in the open dumpsite may pose potential danger to human health and the environment,” they added.

The COA urged the municipal mayor Roli Volante to ensure the strict implementation of Republic Act 9003 on the solid waste segregation at source, establishment of material recovery facilities in the barangays, and the conduct of proper training to all garbage collectors and personnel.

The COA also recommended the conversion of the dump site to an ecological park or sanitary landfill.

The municipal government vowed to comply with the audit recommendations.