Legazpi City is too dark for comfort

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A little constructive criticism never hurt anybody.

As such, the moderators of Legazpi City community page on Facebook thought it was only proper for them to highlight the lack of sufficient lighting in some key spots in the city.

“LGU Legazpi is fond of decorative lighting at some areas in Legazpi including City Hall, Makabalo Bridge, Battle of Legazpi Monument, Rizal Park (at the photo), etc.,” they first pointed out on this Facebook post.

They then noted how ample lighting is still needed in some public areas.

“The main thoroughfare of Legazpi City-Daraga which is the Rizal Street is now getting dimmer. Solar lampposts in Legazpi City are nice (because it’s environment-friendly) but those are not sufficient to lighten the 4-lane Rizal Street…The road in the centro where there is a heavy foot traffic (Ayala Malls Legazpi-Hong Enterprises 1,2 & 3-101 Shopping Mall-Pacific Mall) don’t even have street lights,” it read.

“Hoping that the Legazpi LGU will prioritize the decent lighting on these public areas esp. the centro of Legazpi,” the post further read.

We’re sure Mayor Noel Rosal heard that loud and clear.