Sorsogon lawmaker Escudero bats for allowances for teachers assigned outside hometown


Sorsogon Rep. Evelina Escudero has moved to provide additional allowance for public school teachers assigned to teaching jobs outside their respective towns or provinces.

This proposed benefit is embodied under House Bill (HB) no. 1588, or the “Public School Teachers’ Incentive Bill”.

“Public school teachers occupy a socio-historical role and are looked up as the source of enlightenment. However, they are collectively misunderstood, neglected, and even disregarded,” noted Escudero, who chairs the Committee on Basic Education in the Lower House.

“When they air their grievances on the streets and seek support for their demands, they are vilified, threatened and mishandled by some officials whose fundamental concern includes the interest of the public school teachers,” she said.

Under the measure, teachers who are assigned to another town within the same province shall receive an incentive of P2000 monthly additional to their salary and benefits under the Salary Standardization Law.

Meanwhile, those assigned to another province other than his own shall receive an additional P4000. These incentives are tax-free.

The bill must apply to any public school teacher who is officially transferred from his original assignment in accordance with lawful orders of his/her superiors, Escudero said.