Bicolano solon shares greenness on FB


Albay Rep. Joey Salceda found this green joke so funny, he just had to share it on his Facebook.

This is the full text of the joke, which involved a familiar situation at a beauty pageant:

JUDGE: Describe your BF as an insect in your life.
F1: He’s like a firefly, lighting up my night!
J: Good answer! What about you ?
F2: He’s like a Dragonfly because he hovers all over me.
F3: A Moth because he’s attracted to lights of night clubs.
F4: A Grasshopper because he hops to greener pastures.
F5: He’s a Bee..
J: OK, why?
F5: Because he always s*ck my flower!
J: Congratulations, you win!

Nice one, Cong!

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