Grex Lagman tells Duterte to stick it up to the oligarchs: ‘I’ll congratulate you after’


Remember Rodrigo Duterte’s catchy slogan, “Change is coming?”

Former Albay first district Rep. Grex Lagman said that he’s willing to give the President props and look past his macho man rhetoric if the latter actually gets these following changes done in the socio-political landscape.

“They say President Digong has political will. I hope the man proves it by stopping the oligarchs of this country from bleeding our masses dry,” Lagman wrote on his Facebook Monday, October 3.

Based on the post, Lagman is challenging Duterte to get tough on the so-called “oligarchs” in the country for the sake of eliminating the usual burden on Filipinos’ lives.

“I would celebrate if he tells the owners of telecommunications energy and mining companies point-blank: ‘Babaan ninyo ang singil ‘nyo sa pre-paid at kuryente! Ayusin nyo ang serbisyo sa konsumer! Huwag ninyo sirain ang kalikasan! Kung hindi, mag-report kayo sa Camp Crame!'” Lagman said.

“I will believe that change has indeed arrived if he orders banking oligarchs and tell them: ‘Babaan ninyo ang mga interes ninyo! Pautangin ninyo ang mga maliliit na negosyante na walang interes! Kung hindi, mag-report kayo sa Camp Aguinaldo!'” the former congressman further wrote.

“Then maybe, just maybe, after all these have been implemented–and our poor masses’ lives have improved–i can look pass his braggadocio and all his macho talk and tell him to his face: ‘Mr. President, job well done! Congratulations, Your Excellency-Mayor! This is the economic revolution we’ve always needed. This is the change we all wanted.'”

The policies of Duterte, who was elected by 16 million voters last May, hasn’t always been well-received by the opinionated Lagman.

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