Catanduanes Governor Joseph Cua honors Rizal in China trip


Does a Jose Rizal monument in mainland China-one bigger than that in Manila-sound preposterous?

Not really, because one exists in Sionggue Village, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, the place of Catanduanes Governor Joseph Cua’s recent official trip.

“The monument, made of the world-famous Jinjiang granite stones, stands at 18.61 meters high, which is taller than the 12-meter high Rizal Monument in Manila. It was built on a five-hectare park named in Rizal’s honor, making it the biggest Rizal Shrine outside the Philippines,” read this post from the provincial government’s Facebook page.

The shrine was built to commemorate Dr. Rizal’s Chinese ancestral roots, which is said to be linked to Chinese trader Cua Yi Lam.

Guv Boboy’s great-great grandfather originated from Sionggue Village.