Good news naman: Joseph Israel and his act of honesty


Joseph Israel has been the feel good story of the Bicol region the past few days. And for good reason.

Like what Camarines Sur 4th district Rep. Noli Fuentebella wrote in a hashtag on this Facebook post, Israel is quite simply an honest fellow.

Israel, a resident of Barangay Matacla, Goa, Camarines Sur reportedly found a plastic bag last Tuesday (September 20) along Tinambac road.

When he opened it, he found a wallet that contained at least P8,000. There was a bunch of identification cards too.

Israel said passers by were afraid to touch the plastic bag for fear that it was an explosive.

Wanting to return the money and items to its owner, Israel turned them over to DZRP Radyo Partido.

A Bicol Standard report identified the owner (based on the available documents) as Aida Villar, a public school teacher from Brgy. Boboan, Siruma, Camarines Sur.

The same report bared that Israel had an urgent need for cash at that time–he actually owed someone money and didn’t have the means to pay it.

His story has since gone viral on the Internet.

Israel may not be rich, but his character is priceless.