Walang plastikan: Business establishments comply with Sorsogon plastic ban


The Sorsogon City government has reported a rather nifty 89 percent compliance rate among local business establishments as fas as its ban on plastic bags is concerned.

The. City Environment & Natural Resources Office (CENRO), the main implementer of the Sorsogon City Anti-Plastic Ordinance (SCAPO), reported that 32 out of the 36 target business establishments followed the ruling during its initial phase.

Began last July 6, the first phase of compliance covered Sorsogon’s large establishments.

“The non-compliant establishments were referred to the Legal Department for appropriate legal action,” the city government said in a statement posted on Facebook.

The ordinance prohibits the use of plastic bags as packaging materials for goods bought in all commercial establishments operating within the territorial jurisdiction of Sorsogon City.

The relevant provisions of SCAPO are as follows: 1) “No business establishment shall utilize plastic bags either secondary or primary packaging materials on dry goods or provide customers with plastic bags for purchased items”. (Sec.8); 2) “No business establishment shall utilize or provide plastic bags as secondary packaging materials on selected wet goods such as meat, fish, tahong, talaba, crabs, baloko and all other seashells. However, primary packaging materials is allowed.” (Sec. 8); and 3)”All business establishments are hereby encouraged to offer and sell all biodegradable container/packaging materials to the public such as but not limited to bags made of paper, bayong, cloth bags, “alat”, and other recyclable bags.” (Sec. 9)

The second phase (to begin on October 6, 2016) will cover medium establishments while third phase (January 6, 2017) will cover all remaining establishments, including small enterprises.