Ako Bicol tells Duterte critics: Don’t divide the nation


Ako Bicol party-list has issued a statement ‎appealing for a ceasefire on attacks against President Rodrigo Duterte as he addresses deadle Davao City bombing:

The Party-List Coalition condemns in the strongest possible terms the Davao bombing which claimed the lives of innocent civilians and injured countless others. This dastardly and cowardly act has no place in a civilized society.

We shall give our unequivocal support to President Duterte and our law enforcement officials in whatever means necessary within our power to neutralize these heartless perpetrators and put a stop to terroristic activities in our country.

We join our nation in extending sympathy and comfort to the families of the victims in their moment of grief and pain.

Finally, we pray that we will unite as one nation under the President to fight lawlessness to ensure peace in our communities.

We call on the critics and naysayers to refrain from using this incident to impute baseless accusations and grandstanding theories that aim to divide as we caution the rest of the citizens to remain vigilant and observant of our surroundings and to stay safe in these very trying times.

Be strong Davao. Be safe Philippines.