AKO Bicol solons push for Special 20 percent discounts for teachers


Ako Bicol party-list lawmakers are seeking discounts in transportation fares, health, and entertainment services to public school teachers.

Reps. Rodel M. Batocabe, Alfredo A. Garbin Jr., and Christopher S. Co filed House Bill 801 which seeks to mandate all government-owned and -controlled corporation or private entities, owning, operating, or managing public transport facilities to grant public school teachers at least 20 percent discount on all transportation fares within the country.

The Ako Bicol measure also requires drugstores and drug companies to extend to public school teachers a discount of not less than 20 percent on the cost of medicines and supplemental vitamins.

“Public school teachers shall also enjoy a minimum discount of 20 percent on rentals for lodgings in hotels, motels, inns, pension, or other lodging houses, as well as on the cost of food served in cafes, cafeterias, refreshment parlors, restaurants, soda fountain bars, and other similar establishments,” Batocabe said.

If HB 801 is enacted, public school teachers will receive a minimum of 20 percent on admission costs charged by theaters, cinema houses, and concert halls, circuses, carnivals, and other similar places of amusement. The bill also provides for a special 20 percent discount on any hospital, gym, or other facility offering physical fitness programs.

Aside from the foregoing, Batocabe said that discount privileges for public school teachers shall be given priority by government lending institutions in the grant of loans not exceeding R20,000 intended to provide capital for businesses and other income-generating projects.