11 million Filipinos without clean water – AKO Bicol


“We want to make the world to believe that the Philippines has the most robust economy in Asia yet, eleven million of Filipinos continue to be deprived of clean potable water.”

This was the revelation of AKO Bicol Party-list as their representatives jointly filed House Resolution No. 168 to direct the appropriate committee to come up with proposed measures to institutionalize a “far-reaching” comprehensive rural water connection program.

“As we strive to depart from Manila-centric policies, we are hounded by the injustice that the State has failed in providing access to basic commodities like food, water and employment to the rest of the country,” emphatically declared AKO Bicol Rep. Rodel M. Batocabe.

“To effectively address this injustice besetting the most vulnerable of our constituents, water being the utmost of human necessities,” the solon explained that “policy-making must be armed with, and guided by, correct and comprehensive information.”

A recent paper presented by the Philippine Institute of Development Studies, shows that at least 11% of the Philippine population fail to access a reliable water supply. Current Philippine Statistics Authority figures resulting from a May 2016 census of population placed the country’s population at already 101 million.

“Assuming we have the same percentage of those without water access at 11%, that is 11 million people that the current water connection system has failed to provide a clean and adequate water supply, and it is high time we overhaul the system to provide this basic necessity for everyone, no ifs and buts, especially for those living in rural areas”, Rep. Alfredo A. Garbin of AKO Bicol said.

“The robust economy must not only serve the affluent urban centers, it must work for the rest of the country. This is highly exigent and this must be topmost among the government’s priority.”