Grex Lagman on drug problem: It’s just economics


Former Albay congressman Grex Lagman took to Facebook to share what he felt was the less bloodier way to solve the country’s illegal drug problem.

Lagman said that illegal drugs should be treated as a matter of economics. In short, cut off the drug supply, not the lives of supposed drug peddlers on the street.

“It’s a question of economics. We cut off the supply, the drug lords/dealers will have to raise their prices that can cut to three-fourths the number of Filipino drug users who can afford their products,” he said.

“We bust the local cartels so that we deny these scums the ability to manipulate prices. Maybe it’s time for us to rethink how to address the drug menace. Let’s continue to ‘wage the war on drugs’ by starving the drug market to death by cutting off all its economic lifelines,” stressed Lagman.