5k Bicol militants to join march to Batasan for Duterte SONA


Some 5,000 militants from Bicol will join a march to the Batasan complex in Quezon City on July 25 for President Rodrigo Duterte’s first State of the Nation Address (SONA).

The militants said they will relay their agenda to Duterte, including their support for the resumption of peace talks with communist rebels, Bicol Today reported.

Peace talks between the government and National Democratic Front could take place after the SONA, as early as July 27 to August 2, the report said.

But the report also said the militants will also demand the release of all political prisoners, including 33 in Bicol (

Most of the 33 political prisoners in Bicol were accused of “fictitious common crimes,” according to militant group Karapatan–Bicol.

On the other hand, Karapatan Bicol’s Nida Barcenas said they will also demand the expulsion of the military in rural communities and a stop to military operations against civilians.

Meanwhile, the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan will bring up the broad framework of the People’s Agenda for Change in Duterte’s first SONA.

The demands for Duterte include:

Peace and Human Rights Issues
– 1st 100 days:

1. Immediate release of 33 political prisoners in Bicol (18 Sorsogon, 9 Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur 4, 1 Albay, Catanduanes 1) and dismiss the case of On Bail At Large and that charged for political reasons.

2. Review and DOJ must favorably act on previous cases filed – eg. Rodel Estrellado murder, Isaias Sta. Rosa; Willy and Eden Jerus, Golloso brothers, couple Henry and Carmen Sales; A father and son Copino, etc.

3. Actively mobilize the DILG and DOJ-NBI-CIDG to file cases against the perpetrators of the murder of Tay Todoy, Mancera Family, Bico Family and others.
4. Implement the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) for the immediate expel of the military camps in public areas (City Halls, Day Care Centers, Chapels, and other facilities or structures in public places).

5. Remove the military detachments at or close to communities, schools or any other crowded places.

6. Remove Lina Sarmiento (PNP) as Chairperson of HRVCB (Human Rights Victims Claims Board)
7. Expedite the compensation to claimants, get more staff that will process the 75,000 applications received by the HRVCB, tap the Karapatan, SELDA, HUSTISYA and others that can help out.

1. Investigate all complaints that were submitted to the JMC (Joint Monitoring Committee)
2. Include in Basic Education Curriculum the Human Rights and the histories of Martial Law, it is already stated in RA10368
3. Disband the investment defense force and intelligence fund
4. Stop giving directives to AFP for security of mining sites

Economic issues
1st 100 days:
1. No to Contractualization
Several companies in Bicol with widespread contractualization:
A) Palanog Cement industry in Albay
B) Peter Paul corp. Sorsogon (coconut juice factory)
C) APEC in Legazpi City, Albay
D) Primex corp. in Lidong, Albay
E) LCC and Gaisano in Albay
F) Biggs in Camsur
G) Sunwest tone high security agency in Albay with 50 security in case
2. Junk Joint Administrative Order (JAO) – Memo Circular # 2015- 01- JAO
3. No to Jeepney Phase – out and Shepherd’s Badge Program
4. Legalize the use of motorcycles
5. Distribute Coco Levy Fund to Coco farmers and involve representatives of small farmers in the planning and implementation of programs in the coconut industry.
6. Free Irrigation and stop the collection of NIA irrigation service fee (ISF)
7. Stop land use conversion
8. Change the system of purchasing grain of rice. It cannot be selective to those who sells, whether or not members of the cooperative they should buy a few sacks of rice. Raise the purchase price of grain and lower the price of rice at affordable price. Assign the regular price of palay whether harvest season or not. Build buying station or satellite station of NFA near rice fields. Punish the dishonest traders or businessmen who frauds (imprisonment and or pay higher fine)
9. Oppose the phase-out of tramps in Tabaco City, Albay
10. Oppose and stop the Guicadale project in Albay
1. Enact the Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill (GARB)
2. Investigate and review the seized land to farmers of landlords and foreign corporations
A) Stop the repeated charging of landlords in connivance with the bank (even after the CARP – example: Hacienda Bulaong)
B) Stop retrieval of land with CLT, EP and CLOA and its cancellation (Hacienda Pua, Almeda)
C) Share 1 hectare to farmers of Beringer, Sorsogon.
3. Junk Mining Act of 1995, and moratorium on all mining operations and exploration
– examples: Rapurapu Lafayette mining in Albay, mining in Balocawe, Matnog, Filminera mining in Masbate covering municipalities of Milagros, Mandaon, Balod, Mobo and Uson. Investigate the Energy Development Corporation and Exploration in the Gubat, Sorsogon. Stop the Quarrying on Calabangga, Libmanan, Baao, Pili, Camarines Sur and Camalig, Albay.
4. Junk the fisheries code of 1998
– Stop the commercial fishing, illegal fishing and using trawl, dynamite fishing, and the use of cyanide
5. Remove the high cost of payment to small fishermen stated in Municipal Zoning Ordinance
– the high tax, registration fee (price depending on use) Penalty for using unregistered
6. Stop the implementation of municipal zoning ordinance – Breaking 15km municipal water
7. Junk the marine ordinance (zone 40 meters)
8. Disband the rice cartel
9. Increase the price of copra and Punish comprador who twists weighting scales
10. Provide appropriate support in agricultural production including free seeds, machinery and skills.
11. Promote and implement genuine organic agri program – (organic agri act of 2011 has no fangs).
12. Recover Tiwi geothermal and Bacman from aboitiz and lopez

Issues on Social Services
1st 100 days:
1. Junk K-12 Program
2. TOFI moratorium
3. Pass Campus Press Freedom Bill
4. Declare the Grade 10 completers as HS graduates
5. Salary Increase for Teachers
6. Stop privatization / corporatization of the Bicol Medical Center, Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital
7. Investigate anomalies in 4P’s (deductible / penalty to beneficiaries; ghost beneficiaries)
8. Stop the privatization of all water services (ongoing Water District issue in Sorsogon; Legazpi City Water District)
9. Investigate the Telcos; fast and free internet and communication systems nationwide
10. Resume operation and modernization of PNR as mass transportation in Bicol
11. Pass the genuine Artists Welfare Bill
12. Justice for the victims of media killings
13. Empower the women’s desk in the villages BCPC Program
14. Strengthen the Gender and Development (GAD) Program in each barangay
15. Implement the ‘No Relocation, No Demolition’
– (Coastal barangays Mercedes, Daet, Talisay and Daet for Cory Aquino Boulevard; coastal barangays in Legazpi City and Sto. Domingo, Albay and Pinaculan island in Sorsogon to convert into Boulevard)
16. Pass the Anti-Discrimination Bill
1. Larger budget for education; implement the 6% of GDP to Education Budget
2. Additional facilities and teachers
3. Free education up to college
4. Implement the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers
5. Literacy Program for Adults (ALS)
6. Additional mental health care facilities in Bicol
7. Additional facilities, medicine, laboratories, and personnel in public hospitals
8. Free access to health services / medical insurance for all
9. Providing Barangay Health Centers with adequate personnel and medicines
10. Providing ambulance per barangay or municipality
11. Promote alternative medicine – such as acupuncture and other alternative treatments.
12. Provide stress debriefing / psycho-social attention to government employees
13. Access for clean water supply
14. Comprehensive program to support local alternative art practitioner in the region; limit the entry of foreign culture
15. Providing people’s culture and arts center in each province
16. Use tourism as a form of education not commercialization
17. Stop the contractualization of media practitioners
18. Strengthening the alternative media in the provinces
19. One-Stop Center VAWC from municipalities to the province for easier solving VAWC cases
20. Providing trainings in BHW, Barngay Officials and Day Care Workers associated with VAW
21. Accountability/speedy trial in cases of VAWC perpetrated by state forces
22. Livelihood not eco-tourism project of the government
23. Dissent housing and livelihood for street dwellers

Governance issues and anti-corruption

1st 100 days:
1. Pass the FOI
2. Creation of anti-crime and corruption task force when FOI has been passed
3. All out war declaration against drugs and corruption
4. Review and expose fake land titles
1. Expose the Ako Bicol openly as big-time contractor
2. Standardization of stipends and benefits of barangay officials