Florante Rosales: MRT-3 for Sale?


Maugong na sa apat na sulok ng business community ang pagbebenta ng gubyerno sa MRT-3 para maisaayos ang operation at services sa riding public.

According to my sources in the business world, in the bag na ang deal with a business tycoon to buy the railways system.

Sa 2018, inaasahang iaaward ang contract pero di pa matukoy kung magkano ang total amount ng MRT-3(syempre di palulugi si tycoon sa deal).

Katwiran ng ilang DoTr officials, mas mabuti ng private sector ang mag-operate ng MRT-3 para maiwasan ang mga kuskos balungos at mahabang proseso kapag hawak ng gubyerno ang pangangasiwa ng mass transport system. Dumadaan pa kasi sa matagal na bidding process ang procurement ng mga spare parts and other maintenance expenses sa MRT-3.

Dahil nga sa palpak at walang silbi ang mga naunang maintenance providers, lalo pang lumubha ang pagtirik at iba pang technical problems ng MRT-3, like signalling system, spare parts etc.

Here are the explanations of DOTr Usec. Cesar Chavez on
why he is very much convinced that Busan Universal Rail Inc (BURI) maintenance service contract should be terminated?

1. BURI failed to maintain a safe and reliable MRT-3 system and train availability due to the numerous, repeated and unprecedented train derailments and other incidents caused by poor maintenance by BURI. Faulty signaling system;

2. BURI failed to maintain and ensure required number of reliable, efficient and high quality trains as evidenced by the numerous, repeated and high volume of service interruptions and passenger unloading occurring almost twice a day since it started maintaining the MRT3 System in January 2016 to June 2017;

3. BURI failed to prepare a feasible procurement plan for Spare Parts and to maintain the required volume of Spare Parts to enable it to effect immediate repairs caused by its late and/or non-procurement of Spare Parts;

4. BURI failed to maintain up-to-date maintenance and repair records and data files that are structured and readily useable, including materials management and historical records;

5. BURI failed to implement regulations and standards that shall ensure the occupational health and safety of the maintenance personnel.

Indicators of Performance by BURI/Busan: January 2016 – July 2017

A. Train removals: 3,824 (remove trains from revenue line bec of different reasons)

B. Unloading incidents: 833 (too high)

C. Service interruptions: 98 (train delays by 10 minutes or more because of technical problems)

D. Derailments: 6 (unprecedented! Safety issues)

E. Penalties imposed: Php 27,565,676.00 (substantial failure to meet KPIs, or failure to provide 20 trains during peak hours)

F. Amount withheld from monthly billing: Php 59,493,080 (lack of documentation of spare parts)
In addition, BURI/Busan has a P907-million contract to overhaul 43 of the 72 old trains.

Here’s an update on General overhauling of trains:

1. Actual Completed LRVs: 2
2. LRVs (bagon) that should have been overhauled by August2017: 23 (Twenty Three)
but only were repaired.
3. Progress: 11.66%
4. Slippage: -34.85%
5. Liquidated damages: Php 131,990,618.82

Mga señorito y señorita, yan po ang mga sangkatutak na problema ng MRT-3.

Guess who will buy the MRT-3 system?

Abangan mga besh!

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