No panic buying! Bicol has enough supply of flu medication, says DOH

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The Department of Health Bicol Center for Health Development (DOH Bicol CHD) assured that drugstores in the region have enough supply of the said medication.

The assurance came after the news reports about the shortage of medication for flu-like symptoms.

The Bicol CHD conducted a quick survey to identify the status of the supply of paracetamol and other flu medication in the region.

“Out of the 857 drug stores across the Bicol Region, 134 outlets responded. Results of the survey show that out of the respondents, 23 reported that they were out of paracetamol. Fourteen (14) of the 23 reported that they were out of other flu medications,” said the DOH.

In a press conference, Bicol CHD Regional Director, Dr. Ernie V. Vera, announced that whilst there is a shortage of branded paracetamol in selected drugstores, generic medication including paracetamol are still available.

He also reiterated that branded and generic drugs have the same effect despite differences in price ranges, and encouraged the public to support the use of generic drugs.

Further, even with enough supplies of paracetamol and other drugs, the Bicol CHD discouraged panic-buying, hoarding, and self-medication.

“Should one experience symptoms, consultation with a doctor prior to purchasing medication is strongly advised,” said the department.