Legazpi Councilor Vince Baltazar touts Mayor Rosal as ‘man of action’

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Legazpi City Councilor Vince Baltazar has touted Mayor Noel Rosal, who is eyeing the Albay gubernatorial seat, as a “man of action.”

“It’s not about how many awards, recognition or medals you received but its how you impact the lives of your People,” said Baltazar.

“PROTECT and SERVE them with all you got, make them PROUD and CHANGE their lives, make a more COMPETITIVE and REGULATED place for us to call ALBAY, OUR HOME,” he added.

Rosal will challenge incumbent Governor Al Francis Bichara in the 2022 elections. Baltazar, on the other hand, is running for board member.

“Let action speak louder and let the noise be the meter of the People,” said the councilor.

“Man of action, the voice of the people and the beautiful melody of progress! Noel Ebriega Rosal “The Outstanding Filipino Awardee”,” he said.