Mali ka, Yorme! Masbate BM Arevalo defends VP Leni from Isko’s attacks

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Masbate Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo defended Vice President Leni Robredo from the attacks of presidential aspirant Isko Moreno.

Arevalo explained that when Robredo talks about Marcos, she’s talking about the brand of leadership of the late strongman.

“When Leni talks of Marcos, she goes beyond the man. She speaks of the brand, the man’s leadership mantra and all that history bore witness to in the dark years of the late dictator’s one-man rule,” he said.

“Pag binanggit ni Leni ang laban Kay Marcos, higit pa roon ang tinutukoy niya. Laman at kalakip nito ang uri ng pamumuno, ang libo-libong pinatay, pinahirapan, ikinulong, nawala at nawalan; ang bilyong bilyong perang nakulimbat, inutang at winaldas sa gitna ng sanlaksang naghihikahos; ang lantarang pagdurog sa karapatang pantao, ang paniniil sa malayang pamamahayag at sa oposisyon,” he added.

Arevalo also advised Moreno to “go beyond the name” and think of the brand and the symbolism the name carries.

Moreno earlier asked Robredo why is she running for the purpose of blocking the return of the Marcoses in the Palace.

“No well-meaning Filipinos who studied the genocide of the Jews will ever forget Hitler; or the war crimes committed by the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII, or the institutionalization of black slavery in America, or the religious persecution of Christians by the Chinese Communist Party,” said Arevalo.

“No one has moved on from that, Isko. Now, will those who studied history ever move on from state-sanctioned atrocities and abuses committed in their own land? Tell Leni or us how can we move on with Marcos? We cannot rewrite the past but we can prevent it from happening again,” he added.