Masbate BM Arevalo: Would Quiboloy resign as ‘appointed son’ of God if he runs for president?

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Masbate Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo could not help but wonder if Pastor Apollo Quiboloy would resign being the “appointed” son of God.

Quiboloy made headlines recently, threatening that he would run for president in the 2022 national election.

“Under our elections laws, all appointive officials are deemed resigned at the precise moment they file their certificates of candidacy,” said Arevalo.

“Will this self-proclaimed ‘Appointed Son of God’ be deemed resigned as such, too, if he makes true his threat to run for president?”

Arevalo also wonders why the son of God would still want to run as president.

“On hindsight, why still run for the highest post in the land when he, as the Son, can just make himself as one? Is the title “the Best President in the Solar System” as fanatics would call the Man in Malacanan now far more beautiful to hear than the title “God’s Appointed Son?”,” he said.

“The Gods must be crazy…”