Masbate BM Arevalo: Never again to Martial Law

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Masbate Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo stood his ground to resist any historical revisionism regarding Martial Law, one of the darkest moments of Philippine history.

“Revisionists, political predators and opportunists will try to desensitize our historical sense by making Sept. 21 pass like any ordinary day. Or worse, deconstruct it by making it an extraordinary day in our life as a nation,” he said.

The Philippines is marking the 49th anniversary of Martial Law proclamation by the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, whose administration was marred by corruption and human rights abuses.

“The ruling hegemony and those who benefit from it will look at Marcos and Martial Law as sweet pages in our history to validate the creeping oppression and repression of the marginalized, the politically different, the libertarians, the opposition they write. Despots, the subtle ones or otherwise, will find beauty from their own kind; will celebrate them even,” he said.

“The younger generation can only be glad they only learn the lessons of the Marcos Dictatorship in history books. The thousands dead, the hundreds missing, the many tortured and jailed, and their widows & orphans had it firsthand,” added Arevalo.

He concluded his post by saying: “Never again.”