Albay VG Lagman reminisces college life in Manila

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Albay Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman has a taken trip down memory lane during his college life in Manila.

“In college, i was very fortunate to have experienced for 4 years the inimitable downtown vibe of Ermita in Malate, Manila. The Diliman and Los Baños campuses may have offered more serene environments for study and research but i wouldn’t trade the gritty, vibrant and even visceral vibe the Manila campus had and still has,” he said.

Lagman recently shared that he passed by his college alma mater UP Manila as he drove by the “de facto campus” of charming backstreets and dangerous alleys.

“I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic when i again saw its restaurants and bars — a couple of which brought back memories of an almost-wasted youth,” he said.

Lagman shared that he passed by Remedios Circle and decided to drop by a boutique hotel which “came to be at a time when there was still no word or term for the same.”

“It’s medievally-named Adriatico Arms Hotel which was the quaint hotel my late grandpa and grandma—-and still-very-much-alive uncles and aunts (from my mother’s side of the family)—-sometimes checked into after a grueling 21-hour flight from Baltimore, Maryland. Charming place to rest and recuperate in and a real good choice, too, because of the relative comfort the 15-minute ride from the airport to its lobby brings,” he said.

He added that the hotel is owned by former 3D Albay Congressman Fernando Vallejo Gonzalez.

“To honor a beloved fellow Albayano, I happily went inside and ordered some of its fare. Here are some pics of Adriatico Arms Hotel with Don Fernando’s loyal employees my “tokayos” Ed the security guard and Graeco the supervisor” he added.