After Roque’s meltdown, Gov. Escudero says public officials have no right to berate people

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Sorsogon Governor Francis Escudero said that public officials have no right to lose temper and lash out at people.

Escudero is reacting to the viral video of Palace Spokesperson Harry Roque who was caught berating a medical expert for asking for a stricter lockdown during the recent IATF meeting.

Roque, who is not a health expert and is eyeing a Senate seat next year, reportedly scolded Dr. Maricar Limpin, Philippine College of Physicians President.

“We who work in [government] have ‘no right’ to lose our patience nor berate people publicly,” said Escudero.

Our Offices (appointive/elective) never gave us that right! Rather, it is our job to listen to people & make them understand – both what we are doing or cannot do in any situation,” he added.

Several groups called for Roque’s resignation after the incident.