Vaccines work, says Naga Councilor Mila Raquid Arroyo

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Naga Councilor Mila Raquid Arroyo has some food for thought for those who continue to disparage COVID-19 vaccines.

In a Facebook post, Arroyo said that among the COVID-19 cases in Naga, those who had been fully vaccinated only got mild symptoms of the diseases.

She said this was clear evidence that the vaccines offer strong protection against the disease, in addition to practicing health protocols such as wearing face masks, washing hands frequently, and practicing physical distancing.

Learn from their experience, protect yourself!

“Of the new COVID-19 cases in Naga City, those who have been fully vaccinated experience very mild symptoms only. Clearly, vaccination is a strong protection in addition to face mask, clean hands, and social distancing,” Arroyo posted.