Di mo siya mama! Don’t call VP Leni “mama” or “nanay,” says Tinambac Councilor Jonas Soltes

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Tinambac Councilor Jonas Soltes thinks Vice President Leni Robredo should not be called “Nanay Leni” or “Mama Leni.”

For Soltes, calling her “VP Leni” is fine.

In a Facebook post, Soltes said he does not like the public calling Robredo mom because everyone has a mother or a mother figure already.

What the people need is a leader, he said.

Everybody knows that Robredo is a mother and has raised her daughters well, and she no longer has anything to prove on this aspect, he added.

The people should now see the strength of Robredo who was able to secure a national office and to continue to soldier on even without a husband by her side, he said.

How about if they call her busy presidente?

“I really don’t like the sobriquet ‘Nanay Leni’ or ‘Mama Leni.’ Everyone of us already has a mother or a mother figure at least. What we need is a leader. Stick with VP Leni instead.

That VP Leni is motherly should be out of the equation already. She has raised her daughters well. There is nothing more to prove.

It’s time, however, to see the strength of the woman who made it to national politics and has soldiered on even without her man,” Soltes posted.