Sige nga? Let VP Robredo audit the OP and DOH, Masbate Board Member Jason Arevalo asks admin

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If the President thinks he can audit the the Commission on Audit should he become Vice President, then he should show it can be done now.

In a Facebook post, Masbate Rep. Jason Arevalo said the administration could allow Vice President Leni Robredo to freely audit the Office of the President and the Department of Health in order to show ascendancy and create a precedent.

It would only be fair to give the current VP this chance if officials of this administration really believe it could be done, he said.

Do they dare?

“Just thinking.

If the Man Upstairs is bent on auditing COA if elected VP, which is quite unprecedented and constitutionally suspect, then why not allow the current VP to freely audit the OP and the DOH now if only to show ascendancy and to create a precedent.

Fair enough, right?” Arevalo posted.