Tularan si lola! Tabaco Mayor Krisel Lagman Luistro hails centenarian for getting vaccinated

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This centenarian lola won’t let the coronavirus get to her, and Tabaco Mayor Krisel Lagman Luistro is mighty impressed.

In a Facebook post, Luistro hailed the decision of centenarian Fidela Bondoy to get vaccination against COVID-19.

Her children also got their jabs as well as they belong to the A2 and A3 categories.

The mayor said Lola Fidela had even volunteered to travel to the vaccination hub, but the health personnel advised her that it would be better for her to be vaccinated at home.

Now this lola has her added protection against the coronavirus.

Long live Lola Fidela!

“Mrs Fidela Bondoy, our newest centenarian from Bognabong, Tabaco City, received her vaccination which was personally supervised by Dr Wax Guillermo. Her children, who are all priority A2 and A3 also get their jab! Lola Fidela even volunteered to get in line at the vaccination center, according to Kap Martin Borlasa, but was advised that CHU personnel will vaccinate her at home instead. Congratulations Lola Fidela and children!” Luistro posted.