Books and coffee are VP Robredo’s silver linings during her busy week

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Vice President Leni Robredo has a lot on her plate, but there are still things that make her smile amid her busy schedule.

One of the “silver linings” she enjoyed recently were the very good books that her friends have sent her, Robredo said in a Facebook post.

She has finished reading of the these, which was Lee Kuan Yew’s “From Third World to First,” she said.

She hoped for more free days to finish the other books on her list.

She also shared photos of the “guilty pleasure” books she brings on plane rides.

Another thing that made her smile is her stash of Vietnamese coffee that she got along with Banh Mi sandwiches, she said.

Books and coffee help her get through busy days!

“Busy day today. Busy week, actually. Silver linings came in many forms. Friends have been sending me very good books. I received these four a few weeks ago. Done with From Third World to First. Need more free days for the other three plus for the new batch I got yesterday.

Second pic is my stash of guilty pleasures which I bring during long plane rides. Third pic is another guilty pleasure-Vietnamese coffee- which I got today. Yay! This one is from Bánh Mi Kitchen. Came with Bánh Mi sandwiches which we finished earlier. So so good


,” Robredo posted.