Bichara rallies for immediate attainment of herd immunity in Albay

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Governor Al Francis Bichara has initiated a vaccination campaign in the province to steer Albay towards herd immunity.

With the recent surge of COVID-19 cases in the past months, Bichara emphasized the need to develop herd immunity in the community.

Bichara said that with the availability of the vaccine, this is now highly achievable.

As such, the Provincial Government of Albay, through the leadership and initiative of Bichara, conducted today, a one-day vaccination campaign at the Albay Astrodome.

The Capitol said that this is a part of the Resbakuna campaign that the government has launched this year to combat the pandemic.

“Bichara vehemently urged the Department of Health to provide the Provincial Government of Albay with vaccines so that the Provincial Health Office can accelerate the rate of vaccination of the Albayano people,” said Bichara’s office.

“And through the program held today, the Local Government Units will get the badly needed boost in reach to achieve herd immunity in the soonest time possible,” it added.

Beneficiaries for said activity were employees of the government line agencies as well as employees of the Provincial Government of Albay.

The target beneficiaries were 400 people, but before noon arrived, the PHO had to ask DOH for more vaccines as more people came to get vaccinated.

Earlier this year, Bichara welcomed the first batch of vaccines delivered i Albay.