Odiongan Mayor Trina Fabic shares the joy of island living


Odiongan Mayor Trina Fabic is happy that she is free to enjoy island living.

In a Facebook post, Fabic shared that after a recent meeting with fellow mayors, she and her hubby went on a motorcycle ride around the island.

They took in the coastal views in Santa Maria, had lunch in a restaurant in Alcantara, and then enjoyed coffee and dessert in Looc.

Fabic said she was grateful for these simple joys, which she gets from living on a beautiful island.

She is also glad that she enjoys the freedom to live there, thanks to the 1986 EDSA Revolution that gave Filipinos the freedom they enjoy now.

She hopes that people will remember that power resides in them and that they can chart their own destiny, she said.

May we always be free to live the life we choose!

“After our Mayors’ League meeting in San Agustin, went on a motorcycle ride with hubby around the other side of the island – enjoyed coastal views in Santa Maria, had lunch at Blue Pebbles Beach Resort in Alcantara, then had coffee and dessert at Wena Caffe in Looc.

Thankful for the simple joys in life, and thankful that we live on such a beautiful island. Grateful too, for the freedom we enjoy – freedom that the Filipino people fought for 35 years ago at EDSA, and many other times in our country’s history. May we always remember that power resides in the people, and that we have the ability to chart our own destiny.

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#NoToHistoricalRevisionism,” Fabic posted.