It’s a yes to Pala-three for Bataraza, Palawan Councilor Al Ibba


With the plebiscite on the division of Palawan coming up soon, local officials are making their case on why this is a good thing.

Bataraza, Palawan Councilor Al Ibba took to Facebook to explain why he believes breaking up the province would be a good thing.

According to him, having three provinces would mean more job opportunities.

It would also establish three new capitals, which means more people would be closer to the center of government in their provinces.

This also means that basic services will be more accessible to them.

It would also be easier to manage three smaller provinces, he said.

For him, all these reasons point to a yes vote!

“Anong pinagkaiba pag 3 provinces na ang Palawan?

My opinion only🙂🙂#Respect #YesOrNoKaBumotoKa #StopTheHate😁😁

✅ 3 Kapitolyo (Job Opportunity)

✅ Mas malapit na Kapitolyo, Mas madali puntahan, less expenses & etc.

✅Bringing Basic Services closer to the people especially in remote areas.
✅Mas madali imanage bawat province kasi maliit na lang katulad dito sa south & soon to be Palawan del sur😍😍 na may 9 municipalties na lang.
✅Para saakin Yes na Yes!!! Para sa Pagbabago at Para sa susunod na Henerasyon😍😍
✅#BATARAZA Support #3n1Palawan #YesKamiDito!!!🥰😍😍,” Ibba posted.