Legapzi Councilor Vince Baltazar finds quality time for the loves of his life


Legapzi Councilor Vince Baltazar has a busy schedule, but he makes sure to find time for the most important people in his life.
In a Facebook post, Baltazar said he had been busy, but he made it up to his two girls— his partner and his baby— by taking them to the Albay Wildlife Zoo.

The trip allowed them to bond and spend quality time with each other.

He was thankful that they are understanding of his situation, he said.

He knows what’s important in life!

“Even in a very busy week, i make sure to make it up with my two girls 🙏

Sorry for being busy and thank you for always understanding dada Vince 😅

short walk and bonding time at Albay WildLife Zoo ❤

Goodnight ❤🙏,” Baltazar posted.