Escudero: Cha-cha proponents should work hard to gain confidence than doubt

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Sorsogon Governor Francis “Chiz” Escudero said that those who are pushing for Charter change should work harder to gain confidence than doubt as to the timing of the initiative.

“Charter Change… The wisdom behind any Constitution is the fact that its framers admitted that they could not have possibly provided for everything for all time &, thus, provided a way to amend it,” said the Sorsogon governor in a tweet.

“While there is no perfect time to do this, there is always an ideal time,” he added.

“Some say that now is not the “ideal time.” But that its not, does not necessarily make it wrong. All it means is that those pushing for it should work harder at inspiring more confidence than doubt at the substance, process & timing of the Constitutional amendment,” he continued.

House Speaker Lord Allan Velasco has already instructed House committee on constitutional amendments to open the discussions on amending the restrictive economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution, as stated within Resolution of Both Houses (RBH) 2 that he authored.

Ako Bicol Partylist Rep. Alfredo Garbin now heads the powerful House committee which will lead the Cha-cha talks in the lower chamber.

The Speaker said that RBH 2 seeks to liberalize the restrictive economic provisions in the Constitution “that prevent us from becoming fully competitive with our Asian neighbors.”