Going extra mile! Albay VG Lagman hails ‘OVG Babies’ for working even on weekends


Albay Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman hailed his “OVG Babies” who keep on working even during weekends in the wake of the calamities that struck the nation.

“For the past three Saturdays and Sundays, my OVG babies and support staff have gone beyond the call of duty by working with me even on weekends,” said the Vice Governor.

Lagman said that all of them helped them in planning programs and interventions that needed immediate implementation.

“I am satisfied with the manner by which we assessed their viability and cost-effectiveness. The next few weeks will show if the same can be retained and improved on in future contingencies or have to be replaced,” he said.

“On a more human and emotional plane, we remain hopeful that the projected four future typhoons for the remainder of 2020 will be ‘lesser ones’. We can absorb only so much damage to private property, public infrastructure and loss of livelihoods; we can only contend for so long with a flagging local economy. Yet, our bottomline hasn’t wavered and has become more clear: OVP peeps will be reasonably ready and always be one in saying: “bring it!” he added/

Lagman was also very thankful with the brainstorming sessions he had which resulted in “creative and innovative” solutions.

“Finally, maraming salamat sa mga brainstorming sessions we collectively undertook—-with Kons. Sheina effectively joining on remote mode. The same brought forth suprisingly creative and innovative solutions in dealing with myriad and unprecedented problems in the backdrop of this pandemic,” he said.

“The same have been compounded by our scarce resources and limited logistics. This is where the wellspring of help and support from private and corporate sponsors really helped us believe that our plans and programs will have a fair shot in being implemented. Kaya, paulit-ulit po ang aming pasasalamat sa lahat ng donors,” he added.