Adventure in Albay! Gov. Al Francis Bichara invites tourists to explore the Bicol region


Albay Gov. Al Francis Bichara is preparing to jump start tourism in the region by sharing a video showing the many adventures that visitors could enjoy in Bicol.

After months of being shuttered, people could take their pick of the activities in the area, Bichara said.

In a Facebook post, Bichara shared a Philippine tourism advertisement, filmed before the quarantine, showcasing the various activities available in the region’s various provinces.

People could surf, ride ATVs, go on a zipline, and dive with shale sharks.

Sports enthusiasts would also have a lot of options while learning about the diverse culture in the region, he said.

While waiting for tourism to fully open, why not start planning your Bicol adventure?

“Wake Up in Bicol Region | Philippines Tourism Ad

To all the wave riders and ATV junkies who dream of thrilling adventures, Bicol has just the right amount of action-packed activities that’ll make you break a sweat. It offers sports enthusiasts plenty of room to explore while learning about the region’s diverse culture.

While we wait for that day to come, plan your next visit now:









*This video was shot and produced prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Thank you Department of Tourism – Philippines,” Bichara posted.