Food trip? Albay VG Lagman touts restaurant in Tabaco City


Albay Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman has featured another “hidden gem” restaurant in Tabaco City.

In his newest “flex,” Lagman introduced the canteen named “Ambrosia’s.”

“One of its specialties that I ordered was its Log-Log Special. A beef broth based noodle soup with beef shanks, boiled egg, chicharon bits and chopped onion stalks swimming in it,” Lagman shared.

‘Ay, siram sana lalo na su namit kan beef broth na igwang kakaibang sipa because of the burnt garlic bits and homemade chili oil! Whew! Hininang nanggad an lolo nindo,” he added.

The Vice Governor also ordered their bestseller—-Ambro’s sisig.

“The chopped skin from a pig’s face and head was boiled and cooked the Kapampangan way but with a Bicolano spicy twist to it coupled with the right amount of sweetness from the mayonnaise,” he said.

“They say millennials particularly love this. Finally, i ordered some barbecue using the finest pork cuts with minimal fat,” he added.

He also shared a trivia, saying that the word “Ambrosia” came from Greek mythology which literally means “food of the gods”.

“Ambrosia supposedly bestows immortality to all those who eat it. Hehe Well, for the “canteen”/“eatery” food that it offers, the same is certainly heavenly,” he said.

“Please visit Ambrosia’s located along Sabluyon Road in Zone 4, Barangay Bantayan, Tabaco City,” he added.