The Godfather? Albay VG Lagman a proud ‘ninong’


Albay Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman said that he’s honored to experience being a godfather of the son of his friend Coun. John Andrew Ranera and Cathy D. Ranera.

“Very glad to formally experience being a ninong to my very first inaanak sa binyag in Libon, Albay,” said the Vice Governor.

“The baby boy is John Andrew “UNO” Dawal Ranera. He is the first born child of my friend and now compadre Coun. John Andrew Ranera and comadre Cathy D. Ranera,” he added.

Lagman vowed to be a good “ninong” and to support him as he grows older.

“I am honored to be your godfather in the Catholic Christian faith. Rest assured, Uno, of my guidance and support as your ninong,” said the Vice Governor.

“I will just be behind your parents’ efforts when they make sure you grow up in wonder and amazement as you discover the essential facets of our Catholic faith,” he added.