Masbate BM Arevalo says: May August bring us more dosages of common sense


For the brand new month, Masbate Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo has one wish: “May August bring us more dosages of common sense.”

Arevalo did not mince words in saying that “[c]arriers of idiocy are far more dangerous and infectious if asymptomatic.”

“While Covid 19 is yet to hit a hundred thousand, asymptomatic idiots have already run by the millions,” he said.

“May August bring us more dosages of common sense. After all, it’s the only known vaccine to idiocy,” Arevalo quipped, noting that: “And don’t bother to ask how to rapid test who the carriers are. That makes you one.”

In the end, Arevalo wished with “more wisdom” for everyone as we enter the second semester of the year.

“Have a blessed August, everyone! And yeah, may God bless us with more wisdom this August and till the next surge. And till common sense becomes more common than idiocy,” he said.