Good work pays off! Legazpi Mayor Noel Rosal says city employees entitled to bonus


Who says good work goes unnoticed?

Not in Legazpi City where employees are once more eligible for the granting of performance based bonus, according to Mayor Noel Rosal.

In a Facebook post, Rosal said this would be the third time the employees would get the bonus as a result of being a Seal of Good Local Governance Awardee.

He congratulated the workers and called on them to continue to serve the people.

Their good work reaps rewards!

“Just in…congrats again to the city goverment of legazpi for being eligible to grant performance based bonus(pbb) for 2018 to its employees..just recently na received nila yong 2019….so 3rd time na since 2017 na PBB recepient ang LGU legazpi for being 3 consecutive yr as seal of good local governance(SGLG)awardee…lets continue to serve our people,” Rosal posted.