Mamburao Councilor Jenny Villar and colleagues take swift action to make streets safer


Mamburao Councilor Jenny Villar did not let a concern about a street harasser go unnoticed for long.

In a Facebook post, Villar said she learned from a post that a person has been going around town and harassing women in the streets.

She said she raised the concern during the council’s session and they immediately took action, passing an ordinance to ensure protection for their constituents.

Copies of the ordinance will be sent to the barangays, she added.

But she also reminded all residents to continue exercising precaution and taing care of themselves.

She also called on them to report any information they may have about the harasser.

Let’s work together for a safer Mamburao!

“July 1, 2020

I saw a post in Facebook last night concerning the safety in our streets. There is a street harasser running amok our town.

I raised the concern during our session and we immediately took action as a local legislative body through passing an ordinance for the protection of our constituents.

We, the Sangguniang Bayan of Mamburao, immediately passed an ordinance today adopting the Safe Spaces Act to ensure the safety of our constituents.

We are going to furnish a copy to every Barangay to ensure that you are protected.

Even with the ordinance in place,

please always take care.

If possible, please don’t go out alone and if you have any leads regarding the street harasser, please don’t hesitate to report it to our Police Station.

Let’s make sure Mamburao is safe for everyone!

Thank you and God bless!” Villar posted.