Camarines Norte Acting Vice Gov. Concon Panotes looks back on past travels


Traveling for leisure out of the country is prohibited for now because of the COVID 19 pandemic, so the next best thing to do is to reminisce about past trips.

Camarines Norte acting Vice Gov. and Board Member Concon Panotes did just that when he did the online challenge to post 10 favorite travel images for 10 days.

The challenge calls for posting favorite travel photos without any explanation, and Panotes said he chose photos from the trips that had the most impact on him.

His first entry was a photo from New York City, followed by one from Washington, D.C., and Switzerland.

He nominated his friends to do the challenge as well.

It looks like he will be on throwback or senti mode for 10 days!

“Day 1 – Statue of Liberty, New York 2018

I was nominated by my fellow Rotary Club Champion President, Luzvi Tremblay (Laurents Bicol) to post 10 days of favorite travel images. Everyday I will choose an image from my travel photos that had an impact on me, post without explanation and nominate somebody to take the challenge. 10 travel photos, 10 nominations, 0 explanations. Today I nominate RC Daet North Transforming President, Nelson Adano to take on the same challenge,” Panotes posted.