Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman’s busted knee is getting better


Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman was happy to share that his busted left knee looks like it’s on its way to recovery.

In a Facebook post, Lagman said his therapy for his knee has been going well.

It had been busted due to basketball and the wear and tear over the years. He also has partially torn ligaments and lesions around his knee bones.

For these, he has been doing ultrasound therapy and specific exercises to strengthen his quads.

And if his physical therapy works, he would no longer have to undergo arthroscopic knee surgery, he said.

Let’s hope he won’t have to go under the knife!

“Kalabaw lang ang tumatanda! 😂

On my way to recovery! Finally had my therapy at Sentro Kalusugan in Tabaco, Albay for my busted left knee. After decades of playing basketball, the wear and tear finally caught up with me. Sorry, Diego, if you got scared when i grabbed my knee and winced in pain when this happened. I was playing basketball with my him when my knee was injured.

I have partially torn ligaments (my medial cruciate ligament or MCL in particular) and some lesions have developed around my osteoarthritic knee bones.
Had TENS, ultrasound therapy and specific exercises to strengthen my quads. If this physical therapy is successful, i will be able to forego my indicated arthroscopic knee surgery.
Psssst, Melo! They still remember you. Pasyente ka daw nila. Yung tennis elbow mo inayos nila. You were described as “yung bayaw mo na medyo chubby na kamukha ni Psy”. Haha Gangnam! Hehehe,” Lagman posted.