Social distancing celebration? Dimasalang Mayor Michael Naga gets nice Father’s Day surprise

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Dimasalang Mayor Michael Naga isn’t with his wife and baby these days, but it didn’t mean he missed out on having a Father’s Day celebration.

In a Facebook post, Naga thanked his wife Inah for surprising him with good food and for making it possible even if they could not be together.

He said his wife and daughter are more than enough for him, and he is missing them terribly.

They may not be together for now, but their hearts are never apart!

“Thank you love Inah Cabrera for this! Na surprise ako even if you are not with me you made this possible! Thank you for making this day extra special. You and mikee baba is more than enough for me… thank you again love for this… i love you so much love and missing you a lot love ko and mikee baba,” Naga posted.