Excellent human being! VG Lagman pays tribute to his father

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Albay Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman has paid tribute to his dad this Father’s Day.

“Happy father’s day, papa! To the man who has contributed so much to enriching our country’s public life and elevating our political consciousness, thank you,” said the vice governor.

According to him, Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman taught him that good fights will always be worth it.

“You taught us that—-win or lose—-it’s always going to be worth it if you fight the good fights,” he said.

The Vice Governor also shared a photo when the older Lagman ran for senate and almost made it.

“This is a photo of my dad wearing his vest in his glorious run for the senate. He almost made it placing 14th,” he said.

“Many friends and many people from all walks of life have told me, “Grex, your dad was the best senator we never had”. And this cannot ring truer in this most challenging of times,” he added.

VG Lagman said that his father continues with his enduring commitment to fight for what is right and just in the halls of Congress.

“An excellent lawyer and public servant. But, most of all, an excellent human being,” he added.