Bicolana VP Robredo enjoys kapampangan delicacies


Vice President Leni Robredo is a Bicolana, but that has not stopped her from enjoying food from other regions.

In a Facebook post, Robredo said she had to make an exception to her practice of not posting food photos.

This was because she very much enjoyed her Sunday lunch of balobalo and burong mangga.

According to her, she had always been a fan of kapampangan food, and balobalo with fried hito and mustasa is among her favorites.

She loved her meal so much that she had to immortalize it through photos on Facebook!

“I don’t post food photos but I’m going to make this an exception. I just finished a very satisfying Sunday lunch because of this balobalo and burong mangga. I have always been a fan of Kapampangan food but balobalo paired with fried hito and mustasa is on top of my list.

Thank you, Tita Dely Fernandez, for sending me these. Saraaappp!!!!” Robredo posted.