Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman remembers past holy week rituals


The country’s observance of the Holy Week during lockdown has led Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman to reminisce about how he spent these days in the past.

On Facebook, Lagman said that in Tabaco, Good Fridays were spent in near silence.

He said his grandfather forbade them all to speak, so he and his siblings became nearly catatonic.

All they did was listen to the pabasa and watch the procession as it passed by their house

He also remembered being scared of the statues of the saints.

Now, holy week in Luzon is spent mostly indoors as people are forbidden to go out of their houses unless for essential errands.

It’s really a different time.

“My siblings and I spent almost all our summer vacations in Tabaco, Albay. Every Good Friday, everyone of us will suddenly become catatonic. It’s because Grandpa, being the law, would lay it down on us: bawal magsalita.

So buong araw makikinig lang kame sa Pabasa. Sa chants pa lang, takot na takot na ako. Matatapos lang katahimikan pag padaan na yung prusisyon sa harap ng bahay niya ni grandma. Pero yung mga santa at santo kakakilabot din! Hehe,” Lagman posted.