Masbate BM Arevalo to VP Leni: Find some rest


Masbate Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo has a piece of advice to Vice President Leni Robredo: Take some rest.

Robredo and her Angat Buhay partners have been leading the charge in combating the coronavirus disease by providing help and assistance to the frontliners.

The Office of the Vice President has offered free transportation for medical workers, opened dorms for frontliners and donated personal protective equipment to the hospitals.

“Take some rest, Leni,” Arevalo said.

“No more proof needed. You’re so resourceful and reliable, your limited funds barring. I’m getting tired reading articles and seeing pictures of you opening dorms for our medical front-liners, calling for donations and distributing PPEs and other medical needs to hospitals and health centers and clinics sans long wait and red tape. I am having a deluge of your pro-active and tireless efforts to help in this crisis,” he added.

Arevali said that the Vice President must be so exhausted as he urged the latter to “find some rest,” “go home” and to “isolate.”

“Better yet, find someone take a picture of you on your dining table with a bowl of rice and a fried fish…,” Arevalo said.