Gov. Escudero sends sweeper teams to rescue stranded Sorsoganons in Bicol, Quezon borders


Sorsogon Governor Francis Escudero said that the provincial government will continue to send sweeper team in order to fetch stranded Sorsoganons.

“To date, the sweeper team is scheduling pick up of stranded Sorsoganons at the boundary of Quezon and Bicol, and other parts of the region,” sais Escudero.

“The Provincial Government is trying its best to work on a system to do the same for those stranded in Region IV-A and NCR,” he added

Meanwhile, Escudero said that those who tested positive for the coronavirus disease should not be discharged from hospitals.

Instead he said that they should be housed in a quarantine centers in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease.

“Any person tested for COVID-19 should not be discharged from a hospital and, if asymptomatic or recovers, should be placed in A GOVERNMENT QUARANTINE FACILITY UNTIL THE TEST RESULTS COME OUT,” said Escudero.

“It is difficult to do contact tracing afterwards and would certainly create a panic if the test is positive.”