Makinig kay doc! Marinduque Vice Gov. Romulo Bacorro stresses importance of the quarantine


Marinduque Vice Gov. Romulo Bacorro isn’t just a politiko, he is a medical doctor as well.

Which is why Bacorro could not overemphasize the importance of self-quarantine to protect people from the COVID 19 disease.

In a Facebook post, he said the virus was highly communicable, which is why people should refrain from going out and interacting with others to avoid catching this.

But the good news is that while there is no cure for the virus, it is self-limiting, he added.

He called on everyone to follow orders and to do their best to boost their immune system.

Listen to the expert!

“As a Physician ….. please take precaution. COVID is really an higly communicable/easily transmitted disease . But we can fight this if we follow SELF QUARANTINE, enhance our immune system by taking Vitamins eating the basic food and lastly exercise. Let’s get out from our comfort zones. Please follow orders for everybody’s sake. This COVID 19 has no cure yet but the good news is VIRUS is a self limiting disease. For as long as your immune system is high and you follow orders ….. you can be spared. Don’t be a victim, be proactive and always pray for us to survive in this time of crisis …… a brotherly reminder from your public servant . ROMULO AGUINALDO BACORRO JR., MD., MHSA,” Bacorro posted.