Proudly yellow! Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman remembers the lessons of EDSA

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Perhaps for Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman, being called dilawan is no insult.

Lagman always associated the color yellow with courage, he said in a Facebook post as he commemorated the 34th anniversary of the EDSA revolution.

He was only 13 when Filipinos rose up to oust a dictator, but he knew enough having grown up during martial law.

He saw the abuses under the Marcos regime. An uncle became a desaparecido, and an aunt was gunned down.

He saw how important basic freedoms are especially when they are being repressed, he said.

But 34 years after the revolution, much remains to be done, he said, as he noted that the abuses Filipinos fought have returned.

He hopes the country has not wasted all its efforts to gain the freedom it now enjoys.

“Isang mapagpalayang ika-34 na anibersaryo ng People Power Revolution! 💛💛💛 Yellow has always been a color i associated with courage. And, of course, the ‘laban’ sign. Now, pwede na rin isama ang Twinning’s Pure Chamomile. Hehe

On a more serious note, just want to share that at 13 years of age, i bore witness to the first ever bloodless revolution that ousted a dictator-plunderer. Being a martial law baby and growing up in the late 70s and early 80s, i saw how important basic freedoms are—-especially when they were repressed.

A labor leader-lawyer uncle, Hermon C. Lagman, became a desaparecido in 1977. An aunt (uncle Ka Popoy’s wife auntie Sally Garduce) was gunned down by the military in the early 80s. These were enduring themes as i tried my best to understand what they meant and hoped to convey.

34 years hence, there is so much more to be improved on. Especially in the last couple of years when we entered a redux of what we all wanted to prevent.

Sana di masayang ang lahat na nagpundar para magkaroon tayo ng kalayaan,” Lagman posted.