Poor readers not just a Bicol problem, says Camarines Sur Rep. Gabriel Bordado


Camarines Sur Rep. Gabriel Bordado has sat up and taken notice of a report that there are some 70,000 poor readers in the Bicol region.

The report was the subject of Bordado’s 10th privilege speech at the House of Representatives in the 18th Congress.

He shared excerpts from his speech in a Facebook post.

He expressed alarm and consternation over the report, but pointed out that it was not a problem specific to the Bicol region alone.

It is a problem prevalent in the nation, he said.

But he also said that with officials giving precedence to improve access to and the quality of eduction, he is confident the situation would improve soon.

May his optimism prove correct!

“ON THE 70,000 BICOL PUPILS WHO CAN’T READ: I just delivered my 10th privilege speech in the 18th Congress, tackling an Inquirer banner headline story. Here is a part of my speech>>>

“70,000 Bicol pupils can’t read.” This was the banner headline of a major national daily the other week, printed in big, bold letters that seemed to convey exactly how alarming–and humiliating–this bit of news was.

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…that is not only a problem specific to the Bicol region but also a highly precarious issue confronting the entire nation.

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We have been presented with the numbers, the facts, and the results of various studies and assessments and they all tend to indicate the dismal situation of education in the Philippines. But with the weight of the importance currently and continuously given to improving not only the access but also the quality of education we provide the Filipino people, I am confident that the situation would soon improve,” Bordado posted.