How hot are you? Albay Gov. Al Francis Bichara wants to know


Albay Gov. Al Francis Bichara is taking no chances to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in his province.

A post on his Facebook page said Bichara acquired mobile thermal scanners to check for people with fever, one of the symptoms of the virus.

The province purchased five mobile thermal scanners that would be deployed in the most crowded areas, such as terminals, malls and schools.

Bichara also said the persons under investigation in Albay have tested negative for the virus, which means the province has no confirmed case.

This is good news, and the preparations he is undertaking hope to keep it at bay.

“Gov. Bichara presented newly acquired mobile thermal scanners

Governor Al Francis C. Bichara announced that the Provincial Government of Albay (PGA) acquired five (5) mobile thermal scanners that will be utilized in monitoring crowded areas most especially terminals, malls and schools. The said thermal scanners will be managed by the task force organized by the Provincial Health Office.

The Governor also announced that the Persons Under Investigation (PUI) were tested negative for Coronavirus Disease – 2019. Thus, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 here in the province. He also added that the mobile thermal scanners are just for precautionary measures.

‘Mas maray ng preparado kita,’ the Governor stated,” Bichara’s Facebook page posted.